The Sputnik is all you will need to launch your roof top tent off of your vehicle for planetary exploration.

The Sputnik

The Sputnik is our entry level lifting system (Upgradable to Electric) which allows you to detach your roof top tent and accessories from your vehicle in 7 minutes. 

35.4 kilograms

Battery Backup

The Battery Backup allows the Electric Lifting Mechanism to be used without a cable and can power your roof top tent.

1.8 kilograms

Ground Tent

The Ground Tent is an optional extra for the Sputnik and can be setup in 3 minutes

10.6 kilograms

Mounting Brackets

The Mounting Brackets are required to mount the Sputnik (Base Frame) to your vehicle. 

1.6 kilograms

9 kilograms

Electric Lifting Mechanism

Our patented Electric Lifting Mechanism can be installed onto the Sputnik to convert it into our high end electric system.



The Integrated table is stored in the Sputnik and provides additional storage space for smaller accessories

6.6 kilograms

Awning Brackets

The Awning Bracket allows a third party traditional awning or 270 degree awning to be installed onto Sputnik

2.6 kilograms

Storage Bag

The Storage Bag is used to store the Ground Tent or other items and is stored on the side of the Sputnik.

1 kilogram