The Sputnik System is all you will need to launch your roof top tent off of your vehicle for planetary exploration.


The Sputnik System

The Sputnik System is a detachable system to remove your accessories from your vehicle. The latest version not only allows for the removal or your roof tent and awning but also the Roof Rack and Load Bars.

New Sputnik System.jpg

The Sputnik System consists of:


  • The Sputnik (Includes Electric Lifting Mechanism)

  • Load Bars

  • Roof Rack

  • Table

  • Awning Brackets

  • Guy Ropes

  • Peg Set

  • Ratchet Straps

  • Power lead

Optional Accessories:

  • Ground Tent

Below is a list of whats included in the system:

Load Bars.jpg
roof rack.jpg

The Load Bars and Roof Rack

The Load Bars and Roof Rack are supplied with the Sputnik. The Load Bars are mounted onto the vehicle and the roof rack is secured atop. The Roof Rack may be removed from the vehicle with the Sputnik, leaving only the Load Bars on the vehicle to be used with other accessories such as kayaks and bicycles. The Load Bars can also be removed with the Roof Rack if you prefer to store everything off the vehicle.

The Sputnik.jpg
Sputnik Legs.jpg

The Sputnik with Lifting Mechanism

The Sputnik System is a detachable system to remove your accessories from your vehicle in 7 minutes. The roof tent and awning are mounted onto the Sputnik and the Sputnik rests atop of the Roof Rack. The Electric Lifting mechanism pushes off the roof rack to lift the roof tent and the awning.

Sputnik Table.jpg


The Table is supplied with the Sputnik. It is stored in the Roof Rack and doubles up as a bench ladder. It can support an adults weight and may be used to stand on to setup a roof top tent.

Sputnik Awning Brackets.jpg

Awning Brackets

The Awning Bracket allows a third party traditional awning or 270 degree awning to be installed onto the Sputnik.


The awning can be utilized when the the Sputnik is on the vehicle or off the vehicle.

Optional Accessory:


Ground Tent

The Ground Tent is an optional extra for the Sputnik and can be setup in 3 minutes