Ground Tent

Ground Tent


The Ground Tent is an add on feature to the Sputnik. It takes 3 minutes to setup and it is supported by the Sputnik. The Ground Tent can be used as a change room, kitchenette or as an additional room (fits a double mattress).


The Ground Tent is stored in the Storage Bag on the side of the Sputnik when in its stored position on the vehicle.

The Ground Tent has a door, two windows, a cargo net (to keep items off the floor), two storage pockets and is made from heavy duty 400 gsm canvass.

Tent Dimensions - L 2.7m x W 1.7m x H 1.9m 

The Ground Tent has a 3 year warranty

10.6 kilograms


3min to setup the ground tent (1 Person)

Unique strap system which only has to be setup once to your vehicles height, there after the hooks are used to secure the tent

Storage pockets and storage net keeps items safe and off the floor, hooks are in all corners to allow items to be hung up

Tested in the harshest African conditions

Made from 400gsm Canvass

3 year warranty

Built to last

Proudly South African



The roof top tent provides effective cover from the sun and keeps the tent cool

When used with the ratchet straps, the storage bag frees up valuable space inside your vehicle

The ground tent can be used to sleep in or as a change room

Fast and easy to setup