The Sputnik

The Sputnik

Our proven and patented detachable platform with its lifting technology allows you to lift the Sputnik, roof top tent, awning and other accessories off of the vehicle in less than 7 minutes whether it's to setup a campsite or store your camping equipment after a trip. The latest version can also remove the Roof Rack and Load Bars in a few minutes with only one operator. The legs on the latest version of the Sputnik can be mounted flush against the vehicle allowing the system to be stored in garages or narrow parking spots above your vehicles bonnet.


The Sputnik System has been designed for the serious over-lander and can be used on uneven terrain or in soft sand with minimal effort and works with most roof top tents.


The roof top tent, awning and other accessories can be utilized when the the Sputnik is on the vehicle or off the vehicle making our system extremely versatile.

The lifting capacity of our planetary actuators are 1500n each, they are IP 67 rated, require no maintenance, have a life cycle of 50000 cycles and a 10% duty cycle. The actuators cannot over run as they have a built in limit switch.

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Sputnik Specifications:

  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel Construction

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

  • Powder Coated

  • Japanese made water resistant Momentary Switch

  • Rated to 500kg carry capacity

  • Removable by a single person

  • 3 Year Warranty (T&C apply)



Quickly removes your load bars, roof rack, roof tent and awning off the vehicle with a single operator.

Roof top tent and awning can be used on or off the vehicle.

Adds an additional room with the ground tent for changing, a kitchenette or a double bed.

Cooler than a ground tent.

Safer than sleeping on the ground as it keeps you away from mammals, reptiles and insects.

Keeps you off the ground and out of the mud and dirt.

Frees up valuable space inside your vehicle (everything is stored on the roof) eliminating the need for a trailer.

Travel to areas that do not allow trailers.

No hindrance on the vehicles off road capabilities.

Setup base camp so your campsite cannot be stolen.

Frees up your vehicle for game drives, boat launches or other activities.

Frees up your tow bar for other items such as bicycles and boats.

Allows you to quickly remove your roof top tent, awning and other accessories off your vehicle after a trip.

Provides up to 20m2 of living space with a 270 degree awning, roof top tent and ground tent.