Electric Lifting Mechanism


Our patented Electric Lifting Mechanism can be installed onto the Sputnik to convert it into our high end electric system. The Electric Lifting Mechanism allows the Sputnik to be erected on uneven terrain and soft sand with minimal effort. A cable (not included in the price) is required to power the system if the Battery Backup is not utilised. The Battery backup allows you to setup base camp more than twenty times before being recharged.

The Electric Lifting Mechanism is modular and can be permanently  installed onto the Sputnik in less than an hour. The lifting capacity of our planetary actuators are 1500n each, they are IP 67 rated, require no maintenance, have a life cycle of 50000 cycles and a 20% duty cycle. The actuators cannot over run as they have a built in limit switch.


The Electric Lifting Mechanisms comes with a 3 year warranty.

9 kilograms

Electric Lifting Mechanism

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