The concept of Sputnik was originally thought up by the founding member, Richard Chadwick, to overcome the burden of having to set up and take down the traditional rooftop tent several times a day. After a few overlanding trips and many brainstorming sessions around the bonfire a concept began to materialise.
Richard envisioned a device that would not only remove the rooftop tent off of a vehicle but rather a complete camping system with many extra features which would provide an alternative to offroad trailers and ground tents. Simplicity was the key attribute we were after and following several years of research and the development of a unique patented lifting mechanism the Sputnik Outdoor System can now be erected by one person in seven minutes and the tent takes a further three minutes to set up. The system can be slept in while off the vehicle and it has been tested to 630kg. The final result is a system that takes the headaches out of camping and is far easier to travel with than a trailer.
The main function of the system is to lift the roof top tent and other accessories off of the vehicle to allow you free use of your vehicle. The Sputnik System is stored on top of the vehicle and the ground tent is stored in a bag on the side of the Sputnik, a second bag can be purchased which has space for other items or two fold up chairs which mounts on the opposite side of sputnik or a third party awning can be installed. The system supports 270 degree awnings which provide 10m2 of coverage. The full system will give you a roof top tent, a ground tent, a table, an awning, and two chairs which is all stored on top of the vehicle.