Frequently Asked Questions


Please find a list of frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find the answer you were looking for then please contact us for more information.

How stable is Sputnik?


Sputnik is very stable on its 3.4m by 2m footprint, there are four heavy duty pegs in each foot and when the ratchet straps are tightened these pegs anchor the unit to the ground. During real world tests between Sputnik and a roof top tent on a vehicle a similar amount of movement was experienced in gale force winds. Once the heavy duty guy ropes and pegs were deployed there was no movement in Sputnik. Sputnk was a superior structure to sleep in during these tests.

Can I sleep in Sputnik when it is off the vehicle and how much weight can be loaded onto the system?


Yes you can sleep in Sputnik when it is off the vehicle. The system has been physically load tested to 630 kilograms. The theoretical loads are much higher. The typical roof top tent weighs 40-85 kilograms.


How much does Sputnik weigh?


The Sputnik, roof rack, load bars and table weighs 81 kilograms.

What size roof top tent can I use with Sputnik?


Up to a 1.8m wide traditional fold over tent can be installed and up to a 1.6m wide hardshell tent can be installed on Sputnik.

Can I use Sputnik in soft sand?


Yes, the pegs are angled at 45 degrees through the base of the Sputniks legs which stops the legs from sinking. The unique socket connection between the base frame and the legs allow the system to recover the height that is lost during the weight transfer onto the main legs.

What material was used to manufacture Sputnik?


Sputnik is made from stainless steel and aluminium.

Can I buy spare parts?

Yes, spare parts are available.

Can I mount my roof top tent so it opens to the back of my vehicle?

Yes. The latest version of the Sputnik allows the roof top tent to be mounted to the back of the vehicle.

Can I use my "Add a Room" that comes with my roof tent with Sputnik?

Only if you modify it. The legs are in the way of the mounting points. Its advisable to use our ground tent.

Can I use any roof top tent on Sputnik? 

Most tents can be used with the Sputnik. Fold overs, fiberglass and aluminum all work. 

What material is the grount tent made from?

The ground tent is made from 320gsm riptech canvas.

What awning can I attach onto Sputnik?

Aftermarket awnings such as 270 degrees awnings can be used on Sputnik using the awning mounting brackets. Any awning with a self supporting backbone where it mounts on the vehicle can be used.

Will Sputnik work with my roof rack?

The latest version of the Sputnik System has its own propriety roof rack.