The Sputnik System

Sputnik is a unique system that lifts a roof top tent off of a vehicle to sleep in and it allows you free use of your vehicle. It takes 7min to erect and provides an alternative to caravans and ground tents for the overlander. The Sputnik base frame has many additional features and benefits like the ground tent and table which are integrated into the system.

The Sputnik is all you will need to launch your roof top tent off of your vehicle for planetary explorationAfter your first blast-off and thrilling but brief space travel you will need to prepare for re-entry into uncharted territory. Once all the relevant safety checks are completed and the legs are deployed you can continue on your approach and get ready for the final landing , we know the exhilaration of your first launch will leave you a little frisky but please avoid any aerobatics or fly-bys at this point, the paper work nearly isn't worth it. On touch down ensure that you have donned your space suit and exit the capsule. Your adventure now begins.



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The Sputnik (Base Frame)

The Sputnik is our entry level lifting system which allows you to detach your roof top tent and accessories from your vehicle. 

Ground Tent

The Ground Tent is an optional extra for the Sputnik and can be setup in 3 minutes


The Integrated table is stored in the Sputnik and provides additional storage space for smaller accessories